About Me

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill that can not be hid. ~Matthew 5:14

My name is Erica. I am a single mother of three wonderful boys. I established Imagine Nation based on a love of art, creativity and motivation. I wanted to develop a product that was not only useful but environmentally friendly and encourage others to embrace what makes them different.

Imagine Nation's foundation is based on thinking outside the box, quality merchandise and beautiful designs.  The core values of the company are reflective of who I am. 


The Story of Imagine Nation

Imagine Nation is a trendsetting Online Shop for Gift/Tote Bags established 2018.

How it Began:

Imagine Nation was born from a lifelong love for crafting and a search for great Christmas gifts. Read "The Gift that Keeps Giving" on the Blog page for more information.


Provide gift bags/tote bags that promote inner beauty and strength while reducing waste.

Mission Statement:

To provide unique reusable canvas gift bag solutions for every occasion.

Core Values

  • Create products that are unique and dare to be different.

  • Use talent and skills to motivate others to pursue their dreams.

  • Advocate for those that are less fortunate, oppressed and ignored.

  • Give back to the community through service and donations.

  • Inspire people of all ages to see beyond what other people think of them and prove stereotypes and prejudices wrong.

  • Create a community of support.

  • Continue to grow and rethink what is possible.

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