The Gift that Keeps Giving!

Reusable gift bags are a concept born from a lifelong love for crafting and a search for great Christmas gifts. Instead of dropping by the local store to get a generic gift bag for holidays and special occasions, I decided to create a canvas gift bag for each of my family members that were unique to their character, one that would be used beyond that day and could serve another purpose.

  Fun Fact: Gift bags have been the number one choice for gifts since 2002  ( 


The idea of using canvas bags for my product stemmed from recent grocery shopping trips with my sister at a store that has a BYOB (bring your own bag) policy. Purchasing paper bags and a few store reusable bags for our items was a great solution to the hundreds of plastic bags that I collected in my kitchen or tossed into the garbage every week. As time went on the issue then became that the paper bags began to accumulate and the store reusable bags were not appealing to everyday use. These bags were often forgotten, so I wanted to find a solution.

  Fun Fact: A reusable bag can save over 22,000 bags ( 

My vision is to make a unique reusable gift bag that doubles as a functional bag for everyday use by its recipient. Not only will these bags be for day-to-day use, but my use of canvas bags are also a great solution to reducing the amount of discarded paper gift bags after the holidays and plastic grocery bags that pile up with each trip to the local market.

The key to shopping with Imagine Nation is to imagine what kind of bag you’d give someone or even yourself. Envision having a beautiful gift bag that you’d love carrying with you to the store, library, home, work, and/or school that is one of a kind and reflects your personality. I hope that everyone enjoys these great bags as much as I enjoy making them!







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