Excellence is My Brand!

Ask anyone about me and I am sure there will be a few choice words or labels that will come up. These generalizations can be based on their past experiences with me, what they’ve heard about me, how I look, their previous dealings with “people like me” or even purely fictional assumptions.


Labels are attached to objects, people, places, and things to give information about it. Our food contains labels about its nutrition, ingredients, and certification to ensure the purchaser is aware all the benefits and risks of the product. 


Unlike food, the problem with labeling people is that you’re trying to put a person into a perfect little box. When describing a person to someone else we make bland statements about an individual to trigger memories that are supposed to help them identify the person.



It's all too easy to label people based on outward attribute, in a way it’s like playing a game of Heads Up: the “People I think I know” edition. Whether it is a friend, celebrity, or neighbor, when their name comes up, there are key labels that come to mind. The issue is that the simple labels we apply to each other can overlook key elements of what makes the person unique.


When you start to believe the labels that are given to you by others you give them control of your life. It is your duty to label yourself based on your beliefs and values, this is the basis for the “& Characteristic” line of tote bags by Imagine Nation. 



When I walk by, you will consciously and/or subconsciously apply labels, but I would like to leave you with an additional word that describes me “BLESSED”. 


No matter what you think you know about me, I want to let you know that I am blessed, strong, resilient, creative and much more. The “& Characteristic” is all about taking control of the narrative about who you are.


“Let excellence be your brand”. -Oprah





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